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Nous créons des vêtements de yoga fonctionnels et élégants qui s’adaptent parfaitement à votre corps et à votre pratique du yoga. La douceur de notre tissu est comme une seconde peau de pêche.

breath of fire sice 2009Since 2009

organic cotton materialOrganic Cotton

family owned yoga fashion businessFamily Business

controlled prouctionControlled Production

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Breath of Fire is a sustainable yoga clothing brand in Switzerland founded in 2004 and officially established in 2009. At breath of fire, we know you want to feel free, beautiful, aligned with your true self, and comfortable in your own body and movements. In order to do that, you need to embody your inner feminine and masculine energy. The problem is that it’s tough to find the right clothing fit.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their body. However, we understand what it’s like not to find the proper fit for your silhouette or your practice. So we build yoga outfits (including yoga pants, yoga leggings, yoga tops, and many more) for specific body shapes keeping different yoga practices in mind.

The designs of men’s and women’s yoga clothes were conceived not on a size chart but over time, on the body and through a process of progressive correction until we found the perfect model in aesthetics and comfort while adapting to a wide range of body types.

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Following the principle of Ahimsa, which respects human beings and the environment, all our clothes are made of a special fabric consisting of 92% certified organic cotton and 8% elastane along with dyes which respect your skin and the environment. In addition, each person in the production chain is conscientiously remunerated and gets good working conditions: no night work, no child labour, and no submission to harmful chemicals or pesticides.

You can easily combine our different models that match perfectly together to create beautiful yoga outfits. So have fun and enjoy this comfortable clothing!

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