We create functional and elegant garments whose goal is
to perfectly accompany your movements
and to offer you a comfort without comparison.

breath of fire sice 2009Since 2009

Organic cotton

made in portugalMade in Portugal

Controlled production

family businessFamily business

Following the principle of Ahimsa which respects the human being and the environment
All our clothes are made of a special fabric made of 95% certified organic cotton and 5% elastane. The colours are obtained thanks to dyes that respect your skin and the environment. In addition, each person in the production chain was conscientiously remunerated and obtained good working conditions. No night work, no child labour, no submission to harmful chemicals or pesiticides.
You can easily combine our different models that match perfectly together to create beautiful yoga outfits. Have fun and enjoy this compfortable clothing!
breath of fire Daniela Wagnière Peache Yogi