Breath of fire is our family passion!

Breath of Fire Eco & Yoga Fashion is our family passion, our hobby and our work. Here the hours are not counted because we work as a family to make this project grow. Each of us has given a lot of our time to make this project last because we are not from the textile industry, nor even from sales. We had to learn each step on the job, which allowed us to grow and acquire a great range of skills.
The clothes you are about to receive are the fruit of our love and devotion. They have been designed conscientiously and we always strive to provide you with the best quality. Trading is much more than just buying and selling, we are all responsible for the value and energy chain contained in an item. Our responsibility is to create an alternative to the morbid textile industry by offering conscious clothing and you are responsible for your purchasing choices. Together we can aim for a change in consumption and for that we are at your disposal so do not hesitate to contact us.