Breath of Fire is a family owned brand.

Founded in 2004 but it was in 2009 that the brand was established as it is;
Self-funded, made of organic materials from environmentally and human friendly production.

Sustainability, environmental, social and economic, is a journey in itself and ours began with our mother Cornelia’s approach, offering a stylish and elegant yoga clothing brand, following her personal beliefs in accordance with the Ahimsa Yoga Sutra.

Our goal has always been to be 100% sustainable, respecting the environment and the people we work with. We are on the right track, and in many different areas, and it has been a true team effort since we started this family adventure.
Breath of Fire is synonymous with beautiful and stylish yoga apparel with a consciousness where the body and comfort of movement are at the center. We work daily to improve our brand because it is with perseverance and small changes that we can improve our world.

At Breath of Fire, we love and respect the planet Earth and its resources. Our goal is to source only organic and sustainable materials, with as little carbon footprint and chemistry as possible.

We produce in two main materials, organic cotton and bamboo. The origin of the raw materials is certified and controlled, as are our production facilities. We have two production houses that we visit regularly and with which we have excellent relations. By the way, they are also family businesses and we love that!

organic cotton



We only use natural vegetable products and fibers.

We have only worked with organic cotton for 10 years to make our mother collection of Breath of Fire produced in Portugal.

For our new Evolve collection we have chosen a blend of organic cotton and bamboo fiber.
Bamboo viscose is a natural material, made from dried bamboo fiber and a chemical process. Bamboo has the advantage of using very little water for a high productivity. The bamboo used in our garments is only sourced from sustainably managed and planted forests and the chemical process used to transform the bamboo fiber into bamboo viscose is controlled and reasoned.
The new Evolve collection, made out of Turisk organic cotton and bambou is made in Turkey.

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Our family and our history

At breath of fire, we work in a mother-daughter generation. Cornelia, our mother, learned to sew from our grandmother at an early age and sewing has always been our grandmother’s passion.

In 2004, Cornelia decided to start her own business and bravely began the journey of Breath of Fire, which in our early days was simply called Yogafashion, after attending the first Kundalini yoga Teaccher training in the United States here. As some of you may know, Yogi Bhajan asked her students to wear white clothes for energetic reasons and soon Lia noticed that most white clothes were see-through and produced with cheap and far from organic textiles! She then decided that the clothes should be made according to yogic philosophy. The production process should be environmentally friendly and the fabrics should be durable and stylish.

As everything is a process, the first production was creative and innovative but the production did not meet the quality and ethical standards of our mothers.
So Cornelia continued to design yoga clothes and was lucky enough to discover a very good production point in Portugal.

After some research, she managed to build a stylish brand, inspired by architecture and design, where one element blends perfectly with another. All Breath of Fire yoga clothes were created as a whole entity – not as separate elements. This approach offers a pure and simple vision of fashion, from conception to production and delivery.

Once the garments were designed and produced, Maya (my sister) helped develop the visual language of the brand, a language inspired by beauty and nature. Thanks to Maya’s great talent, inspiring photographs were created sharing with you the charm and elegance of our clothes and making you understand the connection between the Breath of Fire brand and nature.

In 2015, I (Pernelle) took on the mission of running the brand, hand in hand with my mother and the great help of my sister and It has been a beautiful and difficult journey as neither of us came from the clothing industry. This project, is really the fruit of our joint effort and has lived with the help of many friends and retailers who have supported us throughout this long adventure and we are very grateful to them all.

The concept of our brand is “Ever Green”

which allows you to offer the same model over several years. We produce only the quality needed for each quarter and avoid overproduction. Our concept allows us not to lose any fabric and to always get the most out of each kilo of knitted fabric. This allows for an ideal optimization of resources.
Moreover, each piece of our collection is thought as a whole, so you can progressively build your outfits and variations, while being able to buy only what you need and replace it when the time comes.
On all the different aspects of the brand, we don’t think in the short term, but only in the long term.

It is very difficult to produce the same garments all the time, so it is normal that you will encounter small varaiatons over the years. This is due to the small productions we offer and the non-standardized work offered by the large productions. We hope that you will be able to appreciate these small variations, synonymous with properly exploited resources.

Above all, we sincerely hope to satisfy you by offering you a real comfort in your clothes and remain at your disposal.